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Made by Project Managers, for Project Managers

We understand the challenges that come with managing multiple projects and reporting on each of those projects to multiple clients, office locations or departments.

Whether you’re creating your timelines by hand or using Microsoft Project, it’s time to transform the way you create timelines and report on your projects.

Our History

The creator of the original version of Timeline Expert, Jason Smith, spent many years working as a consultant and project manager and throughout his career had been creating high-level Gantt charts in PowerPoint by hand. However, he always found this process laborious and prone to inconsistencies. Editing was also extremely fiddly and even small edits could potentially take hours. 

This frustration led to Jason creating the very first version of Timeline Expert which made it possible to quickly create and edit Gantt charts quickly. After thoroughly testing the software himself and finding it could potentially save him hours of time every week, the application was put to work on a major IT programme for a small company in the North East – and what a difference it made. 

The project managers, programme managers and – most importantly – the stakeholders all loved the software. Through the feedback process Jason wanted to make Timeline Expert even better to save project managers even more time. 

The Evolution of Timeline Expert

Most project managers use MS Project and so developing Timeline Expert to seamlessly relay information between PowerPoint and MS Project at the click of a button was the obvious next step. 

The import from MS Project feature was added soon after and this transformed the product into something game-changing for project managers and anyone that uses Gantt charts and MS Project in their profession. Weekly reports can be created with accuracy at the click of a button for any single or combination of projects stored in MS Projects and accurately. Each timeline can also be styled to match any brand colours and programme packs are consistent in their look and feel, with lots of time saved for the delivery teams.

Features continue to be added as the popularity of Timeline Expert grows. The latest of these features is the ability to compare project progress to a baseline which enriches the functionality to be able to easily show trends in project plans. A sense check can simply and quickly be performed by importing high-level summary tasks into a single page from complex plans. The clear display of information also makes it easy for managers to challenge suppliers should their plans change as this information is easily extracted and presented.

Consultants quickly became interested in Timeline Expert after they saw how quickly plans could be analysed and this demand led to Timeline Expert becoming available as a product to help project managers around the world save hours every week. 

Today, with Jason still at the helm, we are a small team who have many years of experience in software development, project management and consulting – a small team with a big vision to help transform the way projects are managed.